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Is not all illusion and illusion is not everything?
Marcellus Emants (1848 – 1923)

mehr Transenvideos

A very beautiful movies I got from Sarah-Maria yesterday. The movies I do not hide from you. Click the picture and have fun

For the transgender blogs a lot has changed. A little older, but new to me is the blog of Arne Pahlke, the reports in a brilliant write about this and that.
a look into his Ego-Zentrifuge

Gender Wonderland also has a blog for a relatively short time, reporting on everything, so what to TG and TG's topics on the edge rumgeistert relevant issues in the media

Something in their own right. I am on Saturday in Nuremberg. Who is there too and wanted to meet ever want, now has the opportunity; who is not there and always wanted to meet to talk, should consider quickly, to go there, but; and who did not want to meet me and not there, the need to make it any thought.

Annika, Donnacutie your oath as?