Drag Queen Makeup Contest

On Youtube there are a whole lot of make-up videos and tutorials. A lot of these videos can be found here at Ebru's Beauty Lounge. Overall 8331 Interested subscribers, Ebru what is the best way. Now she called a contest for a drag queen makeup insa life, in which you can win all sorts of make-up.


It will be interesting, what are there for submissions and what the girls, which there participate in a drag queen so imagine. The first three entries are so so amazing to bad. At the moment, because you can still snatch some, I think. Wer also Lust hat, can join because.

But please do a better make-up than this, that the lady has submitted to the contest and in my opinion is more of a Goth Makeup…


Europride 2009 Video

Europride 2009 Video


As is known, there are every year a Euro Pride and therefore always an all CSDs in Europe. Having been in Germany Hamburg (2004), Cologne (2002) and Berlin (1993) already allowed to host a Euro Pride, aligns the Euro Pride 2009 Zurich from.

And specially this one spot was created, for the 3D artist Andrew Daffy was won. Daffy has designed among other things, the animation effects for the Harry Potter movies. To see it in some cinemas, auf unterschiedlichen Internetplattformen und selbstverständlich hier 😉

Funny slogan:
There’s a ittle gay in everyone.
In this case, however, the means rather:
There’s a little Drag in everyone

Crossdresser wrestler wins Diva Battle Royal

Diva Battle Royal


I liked a long time ago really looked like wrestling. Why I would actually not as accurate, But I look indeed like Football. Somehow, I am perhaps somewhat atypical trans-.

Nun ja, I look all but for many many years no longer, because it is at least as much lying and cheating, like a well-made drag queen. …But just like this example, it is now and just yet fascinating.

So there is once a year, the Wrestlemania, So in about the World Cup, the winner is determined exactly by chance, as winner in handball.

Now, it is also in wrestling as, first that everything is permitted, if not tell anyone, it was forbidden – and even then it is only prohibited, if someone sees and wants to see it. This is then again as in formula 1.

In the last Wrestlemania there was again such a case, have played a role in half so only the rules. It was a women multiple match, Diva Battle Royal. Tons of women, have mutually thrown out of the ring. But then no woman has won, sondern Miss Santina, a crossdresser Wrestler, threw the last of the two girls out of the ring and Miss Wrestlemania was…

Not Gentlemanlike, but funny

Dragzilla – a big queen

Dragzilla, a little story about a big Drag Queen


I'm generally quite inclined to the Trash, I've already written one or the other time – at least, mitbekomme when it finished and it does not create itself must.

Now I have dug out a small piece of large trash. There is a trailer on the Internet, indicating a new Horrorofilm. And it is already clear, that it is a piece of film history – a very small but – and although the film of something great is, before it is King Kong, Ghidrah and Godzilla should better hide. Of course, I speak of Dragzilla.

Imagine just how much time makeup as a skyscraper high drag queen and I probably need to know also like, where Dragzilla red high heels has been found in bus size, Last not least frage ich mich, why is there all five Wonder Woman in this film. Pretty strange all.

…Ein very low budget Horror Film…