Gaypride Hamburg 2008 Videos

Gaypride Hamburg 2008 Videos
Hamburg Journal

If a CSD in any city, then it makes sense, is the most local television stations to watch times, to determine, whether it was worth it, that you looked into any camera, who made there by the roadside videos and movies…

I asked the two still, what it would take… “Ah NDR – Hamburg Journal? In, then take me times with pure ;-)… Have fun.”

Videos CSD Hamburg 2008

I was really hoping for the camera crew of,who had asked me, come to her to spread my wings and Moderation… Clearly I'm doing this… but I could still see no video… But I also appreciate, that they are but rather for the interview with :Valery Pearl: will decide.

CSD hamburg 2008 Videos

But instead I found myself just yet again briefly in the Hamburg Journal… Dort also, where we it last year but then trotz Interview did not make. But I think the NDR HH – Strictly speaking, the Hamburg Journal has always a much better distribution than

Here is a small picture, to me H. H. drew attention…. gaanz back and sooooo small you can see my wings… do not care about this movie, but he is a stopgap for the next hopefully noich Video


Visa – I take the liberty

Visa Trannyspot
Visa Trannyspot

I still have one or the other Trannyspot in stock, I have not yet posted. Today I therefore see this Visa Spot.

There are a few videos MasterCard, I have already shown, but this is the first Visa Spot.

It is about a crossdresser, But somehow, the spot will be different than you expect but probably would.

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Film: Mein Vater Tunte

Consternation Birdgace
Mein Vater Tunte

sometimes I watch TV anyway or scour the Zitty for interesting items, or at least for movies, that sounds interesting. The other day I came across a movie, the “Mein Vater Tunte” means. The description seemed to me to be involved somehow known and apparently it seemed to be a movie, one does not necessarily have to look LIVE, but one could slide into the boring hours times in the DVD player.

Consequently, I threw in the online video recorder and just let him take once. (The new techniques are great).

Well, what can I say. “Mein Vater Tunte” is a great shot “A cage full of fools” with a large pinch “The Birdcage” garnished. For this, a little “Another cage aux folles” and finally even a spoonful “The Birdcage – The Wedding.

But it's all the same. Only this is a remake of the other and the rest is a remake of the remake of remakses and so on.

will now tell you. And you say well… Rarely seen a film, the so shamelessly abkupfert.

Why it is essential to make use of the very good copy of a Grand Master and the various adaptations of a further film is not nearly good, opens up to me, not really, especially when the footsteps of such great and the feet, for example, a Robbin Williams, a Gene Hackman, belong and have noticed the Golden Globes and Oscar nominations predecessor.

The Birdcage

Then why not the original so far pays tribute at least beyond, that you take on the plot directly, but attempts, to distance themselves from that, I also do not know why and then eventually even the consternation filmmaking had to be shot in a film overflowing with clichés??? I do not know.

The Birdcage

Thus, a very-light consternation Birdcage version come out, which has no place at the Golden Globes and would certainly also rebuffed the German Film Prize. It's just not a great movie, but only a Sat1 Summer Movie…. At least, Sat1 sprichtvon a “Film der Extraklasse”

Curtain up for a film class! In a turbulent story about the approach of a gay father to his son is invariably brilliant actor frolicking in colorful Tuntenmilieu: At the forefront of young star Matthias Schweighofer and – Tuntenpaar as a sensation – Pasquale und Gregor Kremp January Aleardi. Additional Cracker: Walter Giller as melancholy old fagot. Not to be missed!

Also, you can watch it yourself, wenn man gerade langeweile hat 🙂

In the lingerie department

(6) Buy lingerie can be quite difficult.


..and to show this also…

Actually, the headline of this article would “Will Smith outet sich als Transvestit” to bear. One 5 Minute entry. Nothing special just. I might have reported on the allersten purchases of women's lingerie or clothing or anything else more or less witty given to these video snippets of the best. But the real story behind these video snippets is another. Namely, the story of a vision, the story of the failure, turn himself, to try again, to fail to prevail again sometime. So read here this story.

… normally it is easy. You watch something on TV – what I do generally rare -, to recognize a blogbaren post and one does everything, To maintain this. Ideally, we look briefly at Youtube and already three minutes later is a ready small contribution online.

And then there's the other case ….

That's what happened this time. The day before yesterday – that jetzt 0:30 even day before yesterday I watched Public Enemy Number 1 on television and recognized the presence of mind a few seconds, in which Will Smith made known to the world, that he was a transvestite…

I, is Blogbar, I thought, the entire day yesterday and tried to come to this movie. but and most diverse Internet sources throwing crap out and not about the movie, I wanted to. Loose my search lasted two hours and again about a, the film then also to get..

Was just stupid, that this film existed in a file format, with my entire film computer equipment could not do anything. So I could use this film ever, I had to decode it with a special program firstonce. Das dauerte nocheinmal locker eine Stunde – more more.


So while I did yesterday “24” looked, worked my computer and calculated and calculated and expected.

When he was finally finished, I could actually see the movie. He even worked, however, was a. vob file… Unfortunately, my entire computer with video equipment. Vob do anything – at least nothing, what goes on play. But I really wanted to have only a small scene, I had to cut the movie.

No problem, Then I cut the film just, I thought. But obviously can. Vob not simply cut. five or six different programs I tried out, I gave up. A program hidden a large font, that the version is unregistered, others did nothing or something schneideten not only the desired.

The next step was, convert the film from. vob to avi … does that with a 1.6 GB movie. Various programs have failed there and eventually acknowledged the spirit, simply stopped or crashed, until it finally managed a. That was so against 23 Clock tonight.

This Avi File was then cut at last a breeze and upload it also. Now, after nine hours of film is loosely so cut and uploaded.

So if you you these two snippets with total 1:29 Minutes of playing time look upon, then just do so once, as these film clips were now the fulfillment par excellence and had a blog-free day, and at least 9 Paid working hours. I know this is hard, but for the sake of doing it just once to me.

Ansonsten komme ich mir selber reichlich doof vor 🙂