Michelle Obama

Peppermint styled Michelle Obama

(7) Eggs, I admit, my blog is currently almost politically and even now is a political article from the American election made by Obama.

No issue stirs the political class and of course the Berlin currently has more than following:

Spicht Barak Obama form Brandenburg Gate?

How will I be Michelle Obama

Drag queen Peppermint style should a guy in Michelle Obama and gave the following men with, the plan, to style themselves as they:

  • control top pantyhose
  • easy on the Lip Gloss
  • she is black

hmmm, in fact,, Michelle Obama is black, insofar as it would be rather difficult for most men to portray Michelle Obama. Whether Peppermint has managed, their attempt to make the new object first lady of the United States of America… Decide for themselves.

[youtube]http://youtube.com/watch?v = C0-6xTzhsF0[/youtube]

Two cute stewardesses in Air Berlin

Or: Two Drags as stewardesses go


I do not know exactly, who came up with the idea, gedresst to fly from Cologne back. Probably Sheila, but this fact alone – So fly gedresst -, the others should have been brought to the brink of Herzinfaktes, not long enough to us. We want more – as we always want more. “More” meant in this case the idea, that we were supposed to fly as air hostesses.

Although my colleague said, we had a blast, but of such a statement, we can not at all what I call and discourage unusual projects…. Solely the stewardess costume was still missing.

An evening browsing the internet and various carnival stores later we had decided on a costume, that fortunately was still early enough that we had to properly clothed from Cologne to fly back to – sodenn we would reach our plane…

Stewardess kostüm

However, since we, when we were completely finished gedresst and slowly release would had noticed, that our dearest Fokker 100 should start flying Air Berlin half an hour earlier than we thought, Rush was announced. … We had so want to be there half an hour later and now lateness already this whole half hour.

Fortunately, Miss Sarah-Maria made her name all honor …as was the still??? “Courageous” or so… matter in any case they knüppelte their car with us in it through the city and worst curves with actual tire squeal to Cologne-Bonn Airport, so we came just in time to check in. All good. It would not fly without us.

But to boarding should take a long time, and the Cologne-Bonn airport has really only minor shopping for two shopping addict stewardesses… So off to the security area and through the barrier by…

Piiiiiiiep bei Sheila
Piiiiiiiep bei mir

Well, there was probably a little more metal to us, than we had thought. while relatively quickly it turned on me, that my hair clips, that the boat stopped the problem was, Sheila had to show even in the cabin to, what she wore underneath as… …Told in confidence – but do not tell anyone – it was fine strips in a figure-enhancing garment… But psst. …I think so, Dame, Sheila examined only wanted to look more closely… even so, it was determined.

Stewardess Flughafen Köln Bonn

Anyone who knows us, the white, that we like to stand out, but this time actually just stared at us little people – and these were almost exclusively employed in any capacity at the airport. Tsts immer diese Stalker 😉

While we then sat in the waiting room and waited again Bordingprocedere, Sheila introduced me to a guy's attention… That was back there Ahmad Mohammed, who was already been on the way in our machine. Ahmad Wer??? Now Sheila told me about THE Bodyguard in Berlin and the protector of stars like Heidi Klum and Sylvester Stallone, Pamela Anderson suppose suppose suppose… and make it easy for me to explain. Ahmad Muhammad was something like this in Berlin as :Mataina Ah wie süß: – but just in a different industry. Okay, such examples, I can understand. So I can work. Why not the same as?

Ahmad Mohammed

Although I did not know him yet, but with something I rely on the nose so my companion – and when the said, that would be worth a picture with him, then I will not tell me twice and then I'm going. Friendly he was and he was happy for us two images available.

Then eventually the Bordingprocedere went out and we had planned, to board the plane as the last, drum that was probably the first snake since determined one years, which we do not vorbeistöckelten with reference to any guest list….

Air Berlin Stewardessen

Fortunately, we were driven to the aircraft so we came actually to boot, to pose just before the aircraft and Sheila flirting on the stairs even with our pilot. Tstst. She made eyes at him to be allowed to briefly look into the cockpit later…

They gave us the seats at the emergency exits, suspected, because we made with our experience 25 Years stewardesses training were best suited. Nevertheless, we were not made aware shortly afterwards, what to do, when the three-time call “Evacuate” would….

Should anyone – So, for example, Sheila – me three times evacuate sweet whisper in the ear, I would tear the lining of the Nothebeln immediately, remove the entire window and immediately after totter out on the wing and the rest of the crew are as good Stewardeuzö and advice available…

That would be no problem. Only one thing made me a little worried. On the wings was clearly, that they may not be entered… Somehow, again addressed the… Well fortunately whistled Sheila me the password is not in his ear and I did not have to decide between “To rescue passengers from certain death” or “the wing was as black on white there: not to enter”… Pooh .. achwas bravely we had the passengers – and rescued the crew and at the same time paying attention still on it, to totter no holes in the wings.

Stewardess Bilder

But we did not need so we could devote ourselves to the more pleasant side of the flight. The food and drinks. Chips und Prosecco, which was offered to us directly… The nice flight attendant, to us the whole imagination- and decreased Sicherheitsvorführkram said even though, Prosecco is actually banned in the service, But as Sheila answered correctly. “Is a time and alcohol is alcohol” Furthermore, what will happen to us already, we have next to the stewardess place both still day-long side jobs. Shall they cheer us up in drag Airways. Für nen Prosecco gehen wir das Risiko gerne ein 😉

Btw. the nice woman flight attendant said yet, our shoes were not genuine uniform shoes. …And I always thought 11 cm above the clouds are mandatory… Is so, or??? Unless, I do not want to work there. Flat shoes… tsts

Stewardessen von Air Berlin

Well, We arrived safely in Berlin and before we left the plane we had to make a couple of nice photos. Sheila with the pilot, I prefer using both real stewardesses.

It was a great action and a lot of fun. Should actually almost better than the Cologne Pride in its entirety, we do strongly again. 🙂

CSD Berlin Pictures

CSD Berlin Pictures

You've shot images, a gallery found a blog or a forum with pictures are published in the pictures? Then they sign me, I link you happy here. You maybe even the red phoenix somewhere on image, then you can sign a fortiori, because I am and I am grateful for every picture of me:

So far there are only boring DPA images, So load me know, where can I find better pictures zoe.delay @ gmail.com or simply leave a comment below here

Images from the CSD Berlin in the network:

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Photo community
Berlin motive.de
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oh yeah and before I forget, the price of the worst photo montage to the Berlin courier for the image in Post. Worse is in!


Now I am doing something very naughty. I write a post about CSD Berlin Pictures, is only for search engines because.

From past experience I know of course, that immediately, when the CSD Berlin 2008 is closed, come the first search engine queries in on the subject. But when I write a post until he is maybe about CSD Berlin found several days later and the images will be too late.

Therefore, there is already here Sunday with a list of internet resources, where you can find videos and pictures from the CSD in Berlin.

And who himself has a contribution or an image gallery, the may leave me a quick comment, I link then – and am of course also a link…

last year I was found among other things the following terms:

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May be Google me and hold me fast indexing.

Kylie Minogue crazy four

Sex Kylie, Indie Kylie, Cute Kylie, Dance Kylie – Drag Kylie?


A bit late to the Kylie Minogue Concert in Hamburg and a little too early for the Berlin concert I have the following small Kylie Minogue unearthed video, that is much more exciting, if you know, wass there to talk to.

The video shows four times Kylie Minogue in their various creative phases. Sex Kylie, Cute Kylie, Kylie and Indie Dance Kylie in a single video, the – if they meet – of course everybody wants the most important square in front of the camera for yourself and make your life a living hell biestig…. Since then fly ever Chairs, bottles are broken, it will be pulled by the hair or even dealt with the baseball bat.

Sex Kylie is here played by a drag queen, that this game actually should know….

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v = Ua2AUl3Id1E[/youtube]

We had made all the costumes themselves.

Sex Kylie was a real drag queen, and her costume consisted of a hideous, turquoise Lycrakleid with snake pattern, slutty slingbacks and leopard coat (“¦). Sex Kylie was a hissing bitch of a creature with hair splissigem, Tons of eyeliner and shoes bitch, Kylie from the Imelda Marcos-like shoe collection originated.


Dance Kylie – the type with the pesky superficiality, the permanent grin, the constantly wiggling hips and sauerkraut wave – wore a colorful striped, designed by Stella McCartney top, we already at a photo shoot for the Australian Vogue had used. You could wear Kylie's beloved dancing mouse shoes with golden heels and diamond studded straps, of which they swore, that they brought her luck on stage.

Cute Kylie came accordingly hideous in hot pants with purple fringe, and matching shell therefore, but we still had to cobble together the morning of the shoot the outfit, because the original [sic!] Was in danger of, of the Bluebox, where we shot, to be swallowed.

Indie Kylie all wore a burgundy cool and casual cycling shorts and a top in Star Trek-Style [sic!]. (“¦) For this outfit was a pair of red suede Manolos with nine inch heels and hanging tassels on the side.

exciting. Again a drag queen in a video, oh yeah and I will dance mouse shoes with gold heels and diamond studded belt, oh and Manolos and … and at all