Outcome: The dresser

So now it's through, the show with me at “The dresser” is gone and I've survived it. A few people, which were reported to have good, a few people, which did not find it good have not reported and the shoe rack is arrived bombastic.


I personally think it's great, because Stene has had really come up with something and the lights are wonderful in the dark.


Also the clothes racks are much better than the gekrachte actually down a few minutes before the start of sending clothes rail. A large mirror although I had already, but now it is a much larger mirror:)…

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Although I am not a specialist IT and Janka is Sheila but that's nothing, because the falls anyway only those on, a) me and b) Sheila und Janka kennen.

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The dresser Vox with me

Actually, I've no prior, to publish it here, because I do not know really, what should I expect, but since I'm generally pretty scared Freed – some might say I Wish Freed, So here an announcement.

die einrichter vox zoe delay

Tomorrow – So today – I'll most likely be seen at Vox, because there is a new episode of The dresser shown and one of the four people I will be there.

Looking into my apartment filed for “And” I was recently asked, if I would put myself and my apartment probably available – do you mean – whether something is set up. I looked at the bulb nights at the ceiling and said to.


I would expect my skin for makeup three days in a row after three days and would curse the women's shoe manufacturer in the world in high heels, I had not considered at the time, as well as some other things, but we leave the.

Is fixed, I have gotten with Steven Schneider the coolest of the four setter, and he had some really great ideas.

old shoe cabinet!
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Also, who wants to see, Steven from what my old shoe cabinet (see above) conjured, I heeled over the cobblestones of the flea market on Wall Park and Janka and Sheila have what to do with the whole story, Just look at the once so pure from 14:00 with VOX… in the dresser.