Hamburg: In black – selected green

Today I learned two things:

1. to my credibility is not looking so good, I thought.
2. some people find trannies still confusing

but in order.

My credibility seems to lie prostrate, for when I am around briefly before morgn today 6 for a great Boheme Sauvage by Janka and Sheila with the words:

I'm going to Hamburg – choose

adopted, I have two smooth but not believed. And I had yet announced, shown to want to choose and also I had already, that there is little difference to me at times, to which other sleep the motorway Hamburg <-> Berlin to drive. So I was a little surprised, when I looked in Hamburg in bed on my phone and Sheila had again demanded, if that was actually not a joke… it was passed around on the way back to my car and did not see it?

Girls, Girls, I'm always honest and if I'm lying I'm as transparent plexiglass. Oh, and I'm crazy enough, to drive up to Hamburg for a couple crosses and a table and a candlestick times.

So we come to the people, not view the Trans obvious for granted.

The first two examples we met in Berlin on Hacheschen market. Not mince words and insults nice thought to have to tell us, that we had obviously not understood to a dirty fucking trannies and secondly in their eyes, the biblical doctrine of creation. It would mean there Adam und Eva and not Adam und Peter. In the swash found this great award this set also had to be repeated several times. I'm sure nihct, what about this story I found most remarkable. The fact, that these two idiots just taken the Bible knew the story of creation, them that one is actually not such a bad invaded claim without help or that they have learned to speak despite obvious lack of brain. It was probably a little of everything, that surprised me the most.

But that's not enough, because as soon as we had left these two fellows behind us, another guy sprinted towards us. I had the heel occurs already ready, when we realized, but absolutely nothing that he wanted us to evil. That was a poor Briton, who had obviously fallen for us and unfortunately had to end the evening with a discharge our part. Then we headed off to Janka, where I, as already mentioned above sending you went off to Hamburg for election.

I knüppelte my car on empty highway to Hamburg and arrived a few minutes before eight in Hamburg.

Get out – Unlock door – Collect election materials – Finish door – go on.
Do you notice what? No words in this list as removing makeup or willing to come before.

Consequently teetered Sunday morning at 8:07 a transvestite in a black sequined dress in the electoral office in Hamburg Rahlstedt to do and choose the Hamburg parliament to satisfy the duty of the citizen. The election officials took the back left, but the early bird retirees, who gathered there at that time of night otherwise yes, were probably not the most normal thing in the world and made pretty big eyes when I came hereingestöckelt and a cheerful good morning wish…

I do not know, what more confused. The tranny that there reinstöckelte the morning or just after eight rather unusual Arbendgarderobe consisting of Pumps, Sequined dress and fishnet stockings all black… Presumably it was also quite the ensemble.

…Now, as I had done so enough of my duty as a citizen and as mentioned in black – had chosen the green and thus probably anticipated the new Hamburg Senate, but I was looking forward to removing makeup and long sleep, before I for the second time this Sunday on the motorway Hamburg <-> Berlin went.

Wahl in Hamburg

Hamburg choice 2008


even if policy, moreover, probably no one here interested Hamburg politics, I have to express views to my problem with the Hamburg election.

Although German elections are fortunately free and secret, it is not a problem for me, explain, I'll choose – and above all, why am I so choose – letztdendlich or why I might not choose as.

Now, in just three weeks, the Hamburg election and I will probably be able to choose for the last time in Hamburg. Well Hamburg's my hometown and I will always remain tied in their, So I will choose and go on again in three weeks to Hamburg.

Well yes Hamburg has always been a more left-dialing state, Unfortunately, this is rather past, because sitting since Ole von Beust and his CDU in Hamburg Town Hall, does it look difficult in Hamburg for all, what is left of the CDU.

For me, that means somehow a problem.

Facts in:
Generally, I find it better, when the SPD is the mayor of Hamburg. The CDU over which is a big step forward.

Inv II:
The SPD provides not do this alone.

Fakt III
I'm seitjeher in Hamburg “Greenery” Selector, but white, that it does not create the SPD together with the Greens, more voices unite as Black Yellow.

Tipping the scale is therefore the Left… Now I'll find generally oskars and Gregory left tend unelectable, but only when coming to the Senate of Hamburg, have black / yellow no majority…

So I have to choose as follows:

Thus the left of the 5% Hurdle comes, Black and Yellow has no majority. Only then is it possible, that at the end of a policy closer links pops out when the last years. Without this option, all other considerations would be no good.

So that, the left should come to the Senate, and a large coalition pops, The SPD has at least one enables high bargaining power.

So that, the left should come to the town hall and at the end jump out a traffic light coalition, the right side of the SPD has less weight than the left side of the SPD

So I need to distribute a voice like three voices. Select this difficult Tactical…


Maybe I'll even simply by Wahl-O-Mat guided, sees me as SPD voters. Behold, I'm standing closer to the SPD as the GAL and the FDP closer than the CDU? Who would have thought… I do not

…at least I have not even a matter of principle Olivia Jones give a voice, because she has withdrawn her candidacy, as she realized, she steals the Greens votes mainly by. She would then not yet…