Berlin just.

As the English colleagues were already a bit puzzled about the restaurant, that demanded a €, enter only to find. However, they were even more surprised then, when they saw the interior of the White Trash, this desert melange of China Restaurant, Rocknroll Style, Pub, Live Club and simple Trash.

But when she saw the map, they felt at home in this local skeins, in which a skull next to a Christian cross, stands next to a Fetishdoll in the cabinet and on the screens a B- or C-biker movie will be shown.

Foto (2)

Really surprised they were then, however,, to play as a band started, to play the really good English-inspired skirt. The style but it was not, what my colleagues irritated but the band as such.

A band, that occurs to eat, which occurs in the police and army Caps, in which the singer and bass player in leather occurring in suspenders and the second guitarist , which is not visible in the picture, wearing the shortest skirt of all. You can see that probably not even in London daily.

White Trash

And as if that were not enough for one evening in Berlin, occurred during the interval “the sexy gitarrist” onto, a sexy dancer, the tilled a guitar on stage with a side cutter.

Very strange and confusing for the English counterparts, yet only an ordinary evening at White Trash in Berlin

Fast Fiction @White Trash

I'm not exactly known as a great wedding film, I can not even remember, when I was for the last time at the movies, but of course there are movies where you can not come over the years. One of them is Dirty Dancing, another Pulp Fiction.


Recently I read a Kollummne, in which it went about, why in almost every WG somewhere a Pulp Fiction poster hangs. Be it the sexy Uma Thurman smoking or both damn cool Samuel L. Jackson und John Travolta… It was just a movie, with which all could identify any. The lowest common denominator of these people untersciedlichster WGs. Quite as I'd not seen Pulp Fiction, but rather as einene damn cool movie.

…and this even works as a play, seen as just last week…. At White Trash Fast Food Pulp Fiction Fiction and was listed as fast while the middle of the restaurant. While the guests feasted on their nachos and burgers, cool Pulp Fiction killers firing through the area, talking about burgers and foot massage and clean the scene of these traces… and take care of the boss wife. Eben Pulp Fiction. All but the cool ambiance of the White Trash and sprinkled with cool ideas, which were recorded on various television and a tape, who played the soundtrack.


The whole thing was not played by professional actors, but by employees of the White Trash and friends of the. Such was the boss “Marsellus Wallace” just actually the boss… and so it is not surprising, that the body actually landed, according to the cutaway gag in meat grinder. Keine Burger mehr im White Trash 😉

Despite the Leienschauspielern but it was pretty great, although it must be admitted, that the first part – due to the history – had some lengths. In the first part there is just a lot of talking and little action partially. That changed in the second part, who played down at White Trash, very un klat included the best parts of the evening. ..Butch the boxer and his usually French Fabienne flame, was a Spanish transvestite in this case, the really great playing and I think in the end got the most applause.


..In addition to the great singer, A 2-Mann Band, who sang at the same time, Played guitar and drums served. Great.

I almost enjoyed fiction and then have the Trash.Hat a cocktail or two at White well worth it.

Schangeltransen at White Trash

hat Kaey zumindest irgendwo gesehen.

After a great Rockin '’ Hot Rod Decadence but we wanted to continue to the new party, Dermot O’ Cushion veranstaltet. Der Club, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten, was previously unknown to us. But why not. It's always worth a try, especially since Sheila had provided for guest list.

…Arrived > went down > look around > two photos taken > Flipped > Went out again from the store.

…Okay, almost every party needs a course while, until it starts by, but somehow it was scary empty. I guess, that a day lost more people in Dermot barber shop, as we have found there to just after three. If we have to pay admission, we would probably terribly annoyed, so it was not a problem, because the only, which still held us at this party was the question “and what we do now?”

Fortunately, this club was only half a mile away from the White Trash, in the Chicago Rose this evening party celebrating their East Chicago. So we took the decision, to go there, but not on the street without even compliments of approximately two 18-20 Receive olds girls. Something like one hears like.

Sister Junipa

Arrived at White Trash we found, that we have seen the club already much better filled. …The last party of Chicago were probably really busy – and we just come in one day, in which all have moved into their shells – really really annoying, WIE Chicago band.

This was the better, that began shortly after our arrival, the drag show. Almost as if the ladies waiting just for us. Sally Sheeld performte Biene Maja, Dots show Marlene Dietrich was a great, Chicago Rose a perfect show and Kaey did make, to sing live.

…I white, Kaey that can really sing, however, That evening a playback but might have been better. Nene, it was nothing I would say as a critic without own skills. The ham we have heard better. Furthermore Kaey had that night anyway somewhat by the wind, but they welcomed the Schangeltransen in the first row … as good but pink elephants or other weird stuff must have seen, for Schangeltransen were not in the first set. While Sheila and I should have seen this but certainly, after all, we were in the front row. I also do not know, what has the good drunk on the night, aber es wirkte wohl auf die Stimme UND auf das Sehvermögen 😉


Now they went off the stage with the announcement: Now comes sister Junipa, doe sing better than we. …This was true also. Junipa sister could actually sing and it happened something with me, that's never happened to me at a real singing transvestite, I had goosebumps short-term. While not the song here gezeigen, but at this. Although I gleube, that not all the sounds were taken as 100% here, but the voice has something moved in me. Great, toll, Applause. Sister Junipa certainly has not sung for the first time and hopefully not the last.

After the numbers came again the overall picture, for the Chicago also asked us to the stage. Why – but we have not contributed to the success of the show. Maximum for retelling, that there was the show – and that is indeed something, which is obviously more and more people recognize and goutieren.

After this show, we felt hungry and since we were just at White Trash Fast Food, and this addition can be so close to Food, we tried to raise some, had to realize, however,, that no one agreed, catch up the kitchen again for two hungry Drags. Worse – not even a cocktail the bartender still wanted us to make. Cola could we get, or anything else, what can pour without effort from a bottle into a glass.

The but we did not and so we discuss around so long and jingled with our glued eyelashes, until the bartender and let soften and even made me a mojito and a caipirinha or Sheila.

Who now wonders about the quality of the image, and asks, why that may be, I have to say, that this is a buld my cell phone and otherwise I have him with a Monty Python quote reply:

He has no desire, He has passed away. This parrot is no more. He has ceased to be. He has been called and received the Lord. This is the soulless shell of a parrot. The breath of life is gone out of him, he rests in eternal peace. If you had not nailed him, He'd long since the radishes when viewed from below. He shut the screen and twitters now Hallelujah to his heavenly cloud. This is an ex-parrot.

Replace Parrot by camera and think of some 1,50 Meters of air line. Between hand and soil. …Ich sag mal so, 1,49 Meters long was all good.

However, we still hunger and so Sheila had the idea, einzukehren still in the Gilded M. And, properly, you read correctly. Mrs. “Wolf” Eager for burgers… Janka has since done a great job.

But we were not there too long – As in the rest of the nice man behind the counter – also noticed. Not a “Hello”, not a “good evening” Use only dry “In, long time no see”. …yet recognized. …We should have let him advise actually, because as what we normally eat. Let's see, whether he would have also have got done.

However, I have missed my application… But I try to get every time a milkshake, I had learned and this time appointed a – and this time was calculated on the machine and I would get a. So I've got a Fanta taken… Next time I will order again and shake myself tion ne Apfeltasche. So!

Otherwise, we let another pass through the evening and presented Revue hard, that it was actually a really nice evening. The conclusion I steal me now shamelessly and openly with Sheila, after all, I've also worked vigorously to it. 😉


Chantals House Of Shame

Leeres House bei Chantal, leckere Burger im White Trash


One of the most recent major parties, you should have as a drag in Berlin and visited times when we are not yet accrued is Chantal's House of Shame every Thursday in Bassy.

Since wair anyway just last Thursday but were on the road and in the dirndl Clown Festival Berlin to be conjured Bayuwaren, offered to, then just to also connect the trip with a visit to Chantal's House of Shame. Mel, Janka and Diana wanted to go home so Sheila and I were on our own. Thus, we visit a couple Chantal.


Unfortunately we were a little early and thus almost the first people at the party. Chantal ausser, those DJ, the guys at the box office and the bar and the shop was empty us. And for an empty shop which is actually quite large Bassy.

Ne egal, we sat down at the bar, due to lack of milk had to forego a White Russian and played a round of kickers… Table football… Well never really my best discipline… This was also once again, because I lost quite clearly. You ought to know the Addams Family Flipper, where I like Sheila once flippere into the ground… Anyway. Table football is not my thing and it was a boring game.

…Us was boring but then also, since according to the kickers, the alternate cocktail and some images are still not much more people in the Bassy. However, in order not to have bored us two hours to the appearance of Melli Magic, we decided, and to adopt and to end the evening….

We smiled on the way home but even then the White Trash Fastfood and we realized, that the Tarte has made us not conclusive enough… So we sat down on a burger. We realized once again, as may be skurill Berlin.


Sheila and I, two trannies in dirndl sat by candlelight in an American Rastaurant, that was housed in a former Chinese restaurant, the music was something cruel Prodigy and ran past us three policemen me an obvious target in the store…. Broken… Since the two trannies were really still the least bizarre.. I believe, if we want to attract attention, we must let us think of something else…

But somehow the burger was in the White Trash the best part of the evening.