In Kitty, Renate und Backstage we trust

Shortly after waking up I look at my phone and find the following horror disaster message, that somehow all times, who had been awake since split. The Kit Kat and Sage Club must close, as the owner of the house has terminated the lease. In June 2020 it is over


This can only be described with one word: CATASTROPHE

The kitty is one of the three clubs in Berlin, have a global significance, come for the people extremely to Berlin. Berghain times described as the best club in the world, Safe as a primordial soup of techno and even the Kit Kat. Above all, it is the only club, which means I subjectively something. The Birthday Club has long tight, the White Trash even double-sealing, the Bassy has closed last year and really gave everything again in the last month. So now the Kit Kat…

You could hear it quite a while rumbling, but I did not want to believe and hope, that there still find ways. If confirmed, the following definitely the most violent “Dance on the Volcano”, because Berlin has seen since the 20s.

For the evening, there was the other dance on the volcano. The House of Red Doors in the wild Renate, a club, who also life is under threat but also once again under the motto “Animal” really gave gas.

I have nothing animalistic wardrobe besides a large feather headdress, Leo diverse dresses and just now this Zebra Dress that I believe ichgenau once wore and that made me enough to Zebra to obtain entry.

not happen to me often, but I looked in the mirror and thought “Wow, looking really good” then saw it, amazingly, later nine hours still out.

but in Renate and waiting in line in front of it there was an issue especially “The impending closure of the Kit Kat”.

No question, the audience of the House of Red Doors is congruent to the Great with the kitty and some regulars to find the closest weekend to the ORD less than normal in a Kitty. Now I think, that some people still went well Saturday, because it might only 7 Months is possible, to visit the Kitty… Too sad.

In any case, the House of Red Doors was again visited extremely well and we could only speak of happiness, that gave us shredder Eat Lipstick backstage tapes, because up there are always the best people – and it is not sooooo so full.

I was on Saturday but still so broken from Thursday, that it is not pulled me into the Kitty… Next weekend 😉

House of Red Doors Midsummer Dreams IV

as long as I am still in the lucky position, Not having to work on Fridays, I love to visit them House Of Red Doors Party in the Wilden Renate… as long as they still exist.

How Eve recently already said: As the Fusion, only people wear a little less. For me the best party ever and almost a little better than the one I favored Kit Kat Club.


So do many others. At least one meets at the House of red Doors always a lot of people, that you usually run into in a kitty…. But also many others, because the queue in front of the wild Renate is getting longer from time to time. This time incredibly long

Well, Vacation time, Semester break, CSD weekend…. I actually stood in line for almost three hours – and this only, because I saved some time creatively….

But when I was inside, it was great again. I met people there again, Got to know people new and was only against 11 Noon at home.

Hamburg was in the house

Deep Space

On Thursday it was again House of Red Doors in the Wilden Renate and it was summer and hot and Hamburg was in the house (of Red Doors)

For one thing, Eve Champagne was in town, because she just made an appearance, for the second there were Leo and Helge and a nice trio of girls from Rahlstedt, who now live in Berlin.

What a great evening with great people. It wasn't just hot outside, how hot inside. There were also tons of hot situations.

I will not face such a line again, however, it was just crazy long. Either I get tickets beforehand or I don't go. Just!

But if I hadn't been there that evening, I would have been terribly annoyed.

But I have to come to an agreement with myself again, how I find this party, it is less of a home than Kit Kat, but no less great. Sometimes even better, more great people in one place – at least when you get to the floor above.

It didn't need it this evening, because the people in the garden were so great.

Eve was also enthusiastic and said with a grin, it be “everything is so great here, like a little one Fusion” . I've been thinking about it for some time, that a visit to the Fusion is a good idea, if there weren't any cards left for a long time…

…Eve means, there might be a possibility.

In, let's see 🙂
Be cool.

Peristaltic Signum – Berlin

I have been told in the past quite a few times from the peristaltic Signum, but really understood, what it actually is, I may never really find out. A maze in the basement of Wilden Renate, the least I had understood. So I had it this last visit and to make my own picture of peristaltic Signum.


On the Wilde Renate and sometimes just look – well it was not quite that simple.. Where can I find it… The Wilde Renate… and when …. umm? I then found out before Renate.. ie, about one and a half hours after my arrival.. So once again a little further and distribute the time.. To 18:10 I returned to find out, that there have been a few people in front of me and that means I wait a half hour… But this can be quite good at Wilde Renate.

After a half hour they called me and led me into the peristaltic Auigenbinde with Signum, Before the front door I had the opportunity, give directly or einzuschmeissen a gold coin and enter into a magical world…

Hey, of course I want to purely, I just want to know, what it is… So I went in.….. And experienced some.

Tie nun allerdings ist… is really hard to explain – really have to experience it myself. In the semi-- Medium and full dark one wanders through a real labyrinth, man kriecht, goes, rises up and down, you slip and meet other seekers.

peristal signum

One marvels and wonders about green lungs, Metal Hell, Dead ends, real-Dark Rooms, Areas, each represent the ghost train in the shadows and what I still remember.

One wonders, can be as large as a basement and wonders, how long do the planning for the peristaltic Signung have needed to create something like this – but actually, one wonders after the first. In peristaltic one is busy, to find the exit.

The way you have, fast, when you see the light – and the door with the “Exit” Lettering. The einizige, on which you can rely in this maze. – and a big grin, if one comes out.

Honestly, now is the peristaltic Signum on the program for everyone, der mich in Berlin besucht 🙂