SingapurKuala Lumpur im Bus

Singapur – Kuala Lumpur im Bus


Okay, da stehe ich also nun in der Autowarteschlange von Singapur nach Malaysien, weil ich mir in den Sand gesetzt äääh in den Kopf gesetzt habe, die Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur zu sehen, eines der schönsten Hochhäuser nebst dem Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong… Und mir ist langweilig.


Heute morgen (also mein Morgen = 14:30 as. ) las ich auf Facebook, dass mein Treffen mit Joy Trish aus Singapur leider doch nicht zustande kommt (the reason, warum ich eigentlich noch da bin…) „Dann kann ich eigentlich auch abhauen aus Singapur und weiter nach Kuala Lumpur“ überlegte ich mir und Voilá ich sitze im Bus nach Kuala Lumpur und warte, dass wir zum Immigration Center kommen.


Irgendwie war der gestrige Tag in Singapur schon verlorene Zeit (und mit dem Besuch im Sands auch verlorenes Geld) und so, raus aus dieser unechten Stadt… Kurzfristig geschaut… was geht? Ein Bus nach Kuala Lumpur mit Wi-Fi on Board… My Bus. Da kann ich ein wenig bloggen und mir vor allem während der Fahrt eine Unterkunft suchen…. And? Nix ist mit Wi-Fi… zumindest bisher nicht. Vielleicht geht’s ja in Malaysien…


Wenn ja, ists schön, denn der Bus ist wirklich klasse. Fette, breite Ledersessel und jede Menge Platz zum Beine Ausstrecken und schlafen… Das allerdings erst, wenn man und reingelassen hat..

Odyssey Bus von Balestier Plaza. 50 Singapore Dollar

Okay, wir sind in Malaysien und das Wi-Fi funktioniert stabil und schnell. Wunderbar.!

Bye bye singapur – hallo Kuala Lumpur

Ocean Reef Suites – Hotel Miami

16.10.2009 – Miami

Ocean Reef Suites Hotel

Okay, I had searched for a hotel in Miami, strictly in Miami Beach, was ja, as I have learned is its own city. South Beach, to be more accurate and there in Artdeco District. The latter was not really matter to me, but it turned out just as, especially since I had a default. â € žFußweite of the Palace Bara €…

Hotel Miami Beach

I found a few hotels within, some very expensive, some, not so much liked and some, who advertised especially so, to be located on Ocean Drive. This in turn also did not interest me, if I would be just as close to it. And there I found a hotel, that called Ocean Reef Suites.

hotel Miami

All the amenities of a hotel, wie Swimming Pool, Breakfast room etc. it had not, because it had suites. Swimming pools I've never used and Breakfast times I'm never awake anyway. To the suites looked really good. King Bett, Sofa, a dining table, a small but complete kitchen with microwave, Bad, large flatscreen, large wardrobe and free high-speed wireless. Can das, what comes to meet me. Sleeping, eat, whenever I want, Wi-Fi and a large wardrobe. I do not usually have breakfast anyway and otherwise aushäusig American breakfast. Mein Hotel. There was a brand new hotel and asked a special price, I found over By the way, you can forget HRS in Miami, when choosing a hotel. is there much better.

Miami Beach Hotel

But back to the hotel. For a hotel in Miami's South Beach, I can only recommend the Ocean Reef Suites. I felt very comfortable there.

Air Jamaica & Kingston Airport

Okay, 3:40 up to a trip to Fort Lauderdale and a flight to Kingston to compete really hard.

Air Jamaica

I'm really not an advocate, the “The early bird gets the worm” Theory. In fact, I think they are wrong. I've seen throughout many open mouths, all gaped…. But there is, there is no real flight Havana Miami, I had to get to the airport 20 Between KM and help out with Kingston and Miami ausfstehen very early.

That was thus a Week Miami, I have experienced so much, I can draw a whole another week of it and although I (hopefully) 'm already in Cuba, I nerve still with Miami… Nundenn there are still just WiFi


HERE, in this case, the Kingston Airport, where me is the Air Jamaica has flown and where I have a stopover once again. 2 1/2 Hours, there are times diesesn, I must bridge, before continuing.

Kingston Airport, somehow everything smells spicy, this is due to the spice stalls, nicht jedoch am Bob Marley Souvenirstands, such odors I can not hear here, for that I'd have to go to Kingston purely. But does not, since I'm only through passenger and Jamaica set foot less important.

Flughafen Kingston - Bob Marley Souvenirs

The airport is great but, here there is power and the best wireless, that has given me on my journey so far – still free to, the seats are comfortable and every few minutes the correct local time announced. I've got a bit of the respect lost and my phone shows anyway since New York comic at times. Finally, once an airport with little prospect. Left the bay with some ships at anchor, Kingston right with mountains in the background. Also nice. If I have holidays again…

Kingston vom Flughafen

About Air Jamaica there is actually little to say. I am now finally noticed, that the trip usually depends on the aircraft. It was not a new, but I had a seat at the emergency exit, so it was relatively easy. I could not sleep anyway.. And at the airport I do not want it. Heat the stupid Flight to Cuba to miss.

Wash Center Berlin Friedrichshain with wifi

Wanted: Wash Center Berlin, Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain searched and all please with wifi.
Found?: exactly.

Waschcenter Berlin Friedrichhain

What a great crap, my twenty years old washing machine recently said, to give up their mind and having to say goodbye to retire. Okay okay, I can understand that after all these years and see also irgendwiue. Goofy only, I have now still standing around a washing machine with me, However, this does not sound more.

Nun kann man ja sagen, I may just buy me a new washing machine, cheap washing machines because yes admit it today in every media market around the corner…. The course is also true, I could see recently, and against a – not too expensive surcharge – Media Markt brings the washing machine even to the fourth floor and against a further contract will be carried down the old machine and disposed of. The whole affordable and probably through water and energy savings (cf technology before 20 Years against today's technology) soon refinanced. So what keeps me???

The time is, which prevents me, the best way to bring such a washing machine on Saturday and I was second last week in Berlin on the way to the CSD, last week on the way to the CSD, this week for Artists Charity Night in Zurich on the way… ook da. Goofy…. So I must be doing something, what actually takes a lot more time: Wash aushäusig… I have done this in a truly impersonal laundromat in Berlin Kreuzberg the last time, Wait for me where every minute prepared almost physical pain and boredom almost devoured me. …What you could do everything nice… Blogging, for example,…

Now everything is different, they recommended using a small laundromat, Berlin has to offer because that is also personal. Now I'm sitting in Lavanderia, a small cafe in Berlin Friedrichshain on a beige leather couch, Quittenbionade a drink and chill out music with blogging.. while behind two of my undisturbed washing machines rotate with white and black lingerie her rounds. The Lavanderia is in fact a cafe and a laundromat in a, a wash cafe called something like then probably. The atmosphere is light years better and if I can blog with a free WiFi I am always satisfied. Btw. I believe 80 % Wash all ends bring their laundry in blue IKEA bags.. ich auch 🙂

Also, I can only recommend the Lavanderia and so it is not quite as bad, that still drags on at least a week with my own washing machine… By the way, the name is well chosen, Lavanderia but is just spanish and means: laundress to [the?ande?ria] f Laundry f; Laundry m. Not stupid

laundry, Friedrichshain
Lehnbachstraße 1,
Boxhagen street corner,
10245 Berlin