Petite Nina moved to Berlin.

Well they just did not say it, but all evidence suggests, that it takes some time really to Berlin – and I know, wovon ich da rede 🙂

… I must go to a small section of a chat a Monday post with Nina Petite, because it shows something, that could be deployed.

I think so, that the Trans further band together in Berlin and Nina will eventually find their abode in Berlin. I mean that was now 4-5 Weekends in a row in Berlin and now a weekend no longer. This causes a weekend without Berlin that she then writes confused at once…

They dubbed sitting in Bamberg Berlin than here and has noticed how boring Bamberg is actually… But read for yourself:

nina.jpgNina Petite: you are now actually gone under the free Monday afternoon had trickle or independent work year students? And Denise still equal to?
Zoe: I do not nene
Nina Petite: undergone?
Zoe: no, I belong to the tootzurarbeitgeherinnen
Nina Petite: I do too…and there even without the party night before
Nina Petite: ned to say it always so beautiful…each workday is a small death?…ne that was something else
Zoe: was hard this morning
Nina Petite: when are you coming home?
Zoe: half 4
Nina Petite: and to work?
Zoe: 9
Nina Petite: but seems to be be a nice celebration for your blog been…what has he done denise again? filming in Berlin?
Nina Petite: why do I say here again??? I'm in bamberg
Zoe: and, I think so
Zoe: looking for you but have a flat?
Nina Petite: all world verschlägts professionally to berlin…I need to work on my karma…all have more luck than me
Zoe: oh you were, quite a whole lot frequently in Berlin in the last time
Nina Petite: yepp…which has now somehow negative follow
Zoe: why?
Nina Petite: because I go out on the weekend that has now been missing…I think these were now 4 or 5 wes in a row…and this we…was bored here
Zoe: grinz
Nina Petite: das ist echt doof…before this berlin-sprint has me out does nothing…but this we…laaaaaaaaaaaaangweilig
Zoe: yeah, I see, not long now

Want to bet, wann Nina in Berlin auf Wohnungssuche geht und wann eine ganze Armada bedruckter T-Shirts in Berlin einziehen 😉

Locksmiths in Berlin

I am from Kreuzberg, Du Muschi.

In the future, I can also say this sentence from the film Princesses, because for two days I'm home with an apartment in Berlin. More specifically in Kreuzberg, Legiendamm, outgoing from Oranienplatz almost 300-400 Meters from my new job in Orange Street. 61 mÃ, Â ² there are now rented out the fourth floor on top of me.

So I'm not even now arrived two years after my first visit to Berlin and finally, one to three visits per month in this city completely there.

fernsehturm2.jpgTwo things I have already learned:

  • The fourth floor is, when so often with heavy boxes up running him sore.
  • Always finish, for key services do not open locked doors in seconds.

And, exactly Locksmiths. …. The apartment above me was barely passed and signed the handover protocol, made to the broker with the certainty of having earned just two months' rent to me back home to. Since I immediately wanted to wear something highly, I followed him on foot. …The new keys being on the transfer protocol and was again in my living room. Separated from me only by a closed door.

I had so, hardly taken over the apartment, and not carried up a carton, already locked. Fuck.

A key service so had to be. Called off to the nearest internet cafe and several key services in Berlin. I do not know if this is indeed the case, or whether it is just my feeling, that when a locksmith only cops and criminals to work. The first three different companies with different numbers I'm obviously ended up in the same center, because everyone called me 100% the same prices. 20€ pro ange prisoners 15 Arrival and departure and minutes 20 € pro ange prisoners 15 Minutes of work + 19% VAT…. Clear, then of course that the least 16 Minutes to run and work each.

…I negotiated with the next key service number a fixed price of 78 € with guaranteed non-destruction of my lock cylinder, waited and annoyed at myself. Overall, the service has no key 2 minutes had working with my door and now I know, that it is super-simple, to open a not completed door.

That really opened the eyes of. From now on, always completed, so I do not again need a Schlüsseldienst as fast.

By the way, the apartment is great and the area somehow. Viele Cafes, Bars, Restaurants. Although my house has many amazing Ö or Ü's's ​​name in the ring, but that is already. The first residents have already had to make experience with trannies, because Sheila has already passed my first home residents about the way.
As Sheila said by a few days

Sheila: Since I do not climb out of.
I: Since when are you so memmig.
Sheila: Not memmig – life-affirming.

You lives still, also geht das alles seinen richtigen Gang 😉

But whether it is really, that on the second day in this apartment in less than 100 Meters a brief police Hundred, had to stand two water thrower and a police clearing tank of the Poli time, the I asked me yesterday already.