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Revue Yma im FriedrichstadtPalast


One of the great advantages, you as a blogger with a particular topic is so has, and from that you can also benefit from his blog, if one is willing, something to talk about in his blog, so I did not hesitate too long, I had heard, dass in Yma, the new revue in FriedrichstadtPalast the female lead by a woman, but is played by a man… Although female, Male, when the itch already.

Since Janka and Sheila yes this new Friedrichstadt Palast Revue had already seen and my former colleague Andrea anyway always complains, I'm coming up with ideas always too short around the corner, and then she intends always been something else, I loaded it up this time a. The lady should hardly be surprised, hat sie doch immerhin knapp anderthalb Jahre mit mir zusammengearbeitet und ist dabei meine gute Seele und mein Terminkalender gewesen 🙂


Nundenn, So we met before FriedrichstadtPalast, and the lady behind the counter had to find some time, until it was clear, among which the stored cards are now found. Zoe Delay?, the male name or just a nameless card under a specific number, and what exactly is now the name Zoe delay to do with the name on the ID cards??? No matter, I could tell their Verwiirung and they found the two cards, by the way, secured us a great view into Europe's largest theater.

Ever, the Friedrichstadt Palace also does not compare yourself with any playhouses but most, with the largest revues in Las Vegas and it is then also the equipment, the ensemble and the Produktionekosten. Whopping eight million cost the Etstehung of Yma – and it is worth…


But I was there now truly not sure, I had read and heard some opinions, which is not necessarily as “given” predicted. But I have to say, it was worth it. Although I have seen in recent years, various artists, ropes and contributed to the outstanding artists, their body control and abs were amazing afford to instande, but as the amount, Such compactness and choreography, that was unique – and I still never saw a Las Vegas revue, I must admit, but already the Cirque Du Solei…

But back to Yma Review. In addition to the artists, the dancers and the scenes is of course the actual show important. Consisting mainly of Yma, a lady younger middle-aged, the ones on there, life and relationships converses and sings and obviously moved in a world, are gender boundaries matter. It really does not matter, Yma now is whether at the end of a man or a woman, because most viewers may have noticed the final applause and the name that appears there until the end of the eh, or not even there.

Overall, I felt but in a rather gaylastigen revue at least on a gay party.. Gwen Stefani, Lady Mamalade, Mia, Marianne Rosenberg, I waited only to the Village People. Although I have to say, that this is absolutely not meant disrespectfully, special

I just always reminded of situations from my life in Berlin. My first visit in a mental house. ..Stella Destroy probte Get This Party started vor der Bühne auf dem Pop Floor. Mia, played by Gloria Viagra at my first visit to the GMF still in Moscow Cafe. etc.. etc.. beautiful memories. Well sung. Ever, I wondered not only, Yma could sound so real as female. Respect.

The actual story then stepped into the background while also, one and only love the theme, Life and relationship was a recurring theme for Artistry, great stage numbers and well sung songs. Here then the stage was already off operations to a large Wasserbassain for Friedrichstadtbalett, or a platform for tap dancers, Flew it together artists or ropes around the neighborhood or through various trampolines through the air. Amazing and definitely worth your ticket price.

So Ford cleared das – in Berlin, but rather restrained audience then logically additions and Da Capo. Also:

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