Hat St. Georg – Milliner Long row

The woman of the world wearing hat
…and driving nice cars


Some time ago by Karin has Sahneschnitte for the fashion show for the hamburger fetish Obsession aligned and it along with some other interesting people and myself on stage. Specially tailored it to me a wonderful dress, which – if not already done wonders – well my simple costume for the Berlin CSD is…. Better than anything else in the closet…


Well, Now Karin has again looked nice people for a short time before action, they just prepared. An image in the video for a Hutshop Long line at St. Georg. In fact, the Chapeau St. Georg.


At the same time also an image for video hottie should it be and why they drummed interesting people together, with whom she has ever done something and that would probably make an interesting impression… Well, and I belong to well-…


The preparation appointment I was able to play hooky, I promised faithfully, me that both film cameras and photo cameras are not unknown and I would not know anyway fright and the like… Also, I really had no major role in the final result…


At best, a supporting role Hat, I missed the shop owner – whose name I have unfortunately forgotten, but still short a, although we note, I actually have a big dick to head for their hats, but with a bobby pin and it went but he also held tight until I went.


My idea, “I'll give the hat back and take it with her chair” – later “I replace the chair against the car outside” was unfortunately a negative reply, which was completely understandable, especially when car, because both cars were later angekarrten but very particularly – and certainly not cheap. …As in the rest of the hat on my head and not, However, for a hat – not for a car.


But the exciting part of the event was again mostly the mix of persons involved. Completely different people, but they all had a certain something. And art in any way and were cool. A dancing couple, the Fetish Lady, various interesting models, a full band with bass and all, what belongs, Wonderful car owner, many hats and – Er, yes I sitting as allerunwichtigstes small part in an armchair.


I was important but still-because the car several times before and always had to go back and we started doing a whole side of the road in fog, I just once with my natural presence and ignorance of the cars stopped. Strange this, kow how motorists, when a drag queen with a hat stops the traffic to show a classic car the way 🙂


The result is a small film with wonderful people, great cars, great clothes of hottie and a whole lot of Chapeau hat creations St. George from the Lange Reihe, the start point of the Hamburger CSD. Since I need to briefly stop off this year and “Hello” say – Perhaps there is then also have a short-term headgear against the sun or the rain, because on Gaypride available in Hamburg only this or that :).


Oliver Kahn und High Heels

Again a nice advertising, which has crossed my path and I pass like, I find it amusing and witty. Did you know, that the goalkeeper Oliver Kahn has previously worn high heels…. And, he wasn't even the running coach in Heidi Klum's first GNTM season 😉 It's quark, of course.


Sweet, Mobilat small spot

Camouflage advertising

Dermablend Cover video

dermablend Vichy

I think it is in camouflage with yes Dermacolor by Kryolan, in my opinion the best, skin which covers. to be a decent price for such good performance.


That it is of course other camouflage, I never wanted to deny, but it never interested me, I've already found the best. Now I was interested then but actually an advertisement for Cover Make Up. To be from Vichy Dermablend exactly, because they have just shown, what they can.

Vollbildaufzeichnung 02.11.2011 003902

Ganzkörpertätowierter a man named Rico The Zombie Dermablend is made up with the whole body and appears as a normal person, then abschminkt in the film and free covers her tattoos. Quite impressive and the video was already 3,5 Million times viewed. I Love Viral Marketing campaigns with wit and ideas…


Chatroulette Dancing Queens

Chatroulette Dancing Queens


I have no idea, whether the phenomenon of Chatroulette is interesting again, oder ob der Hyper, the matter was temporarily made a little stops. I myself have never tried it, I anyway do not own webcam, but I'd always assumed, that Chatroulette mastubierenden preferably composed of men without a face.


I seem to have been mistaken, Dancing Queens because these two did not get during their journey through the worlds of Chatroulette just this before the camera. I would also have expected, that they would see more elongated middle finger than thumb, but also because I'm wrong. The world seems to be better once more, than I expect.

In any case, these two Russian Dancing Queens generate a whole lot of upward-pointing mouth – me too by the way.. And perhaps also with you?