Living desired

But not to my desire…


Other people expect from a Shemale Trans cliché apartment and we add us.
Specifically speaking, I'm joined.

What do you do, if they announce two trannies, consisting of a male , rather purist furnished ,Single dwelling want to conjure up a plausible and the average German passable Trans apartment?

Exactly, it depends on a “address unknown” Sign on the door and behaves enables quiet.


Bei Sheila “You” Wittler and Janka “Enie” van de Meyklockjes has this trick but not worked, when the two were now armed with some bags in front of my door asking to be let. I let them in and that was a mistake.

I really do not stereotype Trans apartment so at least my living room were pimped by the two.


My window sill now houses a weissglitzerndes Bambi on petals. My one Torchiere with Barbies, hung with my other bags and a black shawl, Stole my candle wearing a pink and a head with a diadem rotgefederten. On my jukebox is a spaghetti jar with cowboy hat and wig and my old tube radio..


Most of my shoes are now under my real transigen actually only thing a flat object, a large H&M giant poster. Actually my blue-yellow sofa is covered still white and wearing a white cushions and pillows Playboy Bunny. On the wall, an autograph card of Desiree Nick hangs, framed by some wigs of different colors. My Miràhas ³ as “that does not work” Something else must be pure. As a picture of us coming in a little grace period and my mirror is now also in the living room…. The other wall is empty, since we are still looking for a nice poster… It did not happen to be a Priscilla Queen Of The Desert or much better a Kinky Boots Poster?


Transenklischees, okay, okay, We serve it up, although I really do not know any trans apartment, would actually use such clichés…


According to Janka the whole thing now looks better than before… I'm there somehow not quite sure, but no matter, Sonntag kann ich ja wieder aufräumen und den Damen ihre guten Stücke zurückgeben 🙂 Wichtig ist dabei eine kleine Dame, their Barbies were diverted straight unasked. If there are demands, then someone comes quite provide explanations…

…But actually I had imagined it would be worse. My walls were not painted pink, I was not a plush sofa placed in the apartment and my bedroom was left entirely untouched even.

Locksmiths in Berlin

I am from Kreuzberg, Du Muschi.

In the future, I can also say this sentence from the film Princesses, because for two days I'm home with an apartment in Berlin. More specifically in Kreuzberg, Legiendamm, outgoing from Oranienplatz almost 300-400 Meters from my new job in Orange Street. 61 mÃ, Â ² there are now rented out the fourth floor on top of me.

So I'm not even now arrived two years after my first visit to Berlin and finally, one to three visits per month in this city completely there.

fernsehturm2.jpgTwo things I have already learned:

  • The fourth floor is, when so often with heavy boxes up running him sore.
  • Always finish, for key services do not open locked doors in seconds.

And, exactly Locksmiths. …. The apartment above me was barely passed and signed the handover protocol, made to the broker with the certainty of having earned just two months' rent to me back home to. Since I immediately wanted to wear something highly, I followed him on foot. …The new keys being on the transfer protocol and was again in my living room. Separated from me only by a closed door.

I had so, hardly taken over the apartment, and not carried up a carton, already locked. Fuck.

A key service so had to be. Called off to the nearest internet cafe and several key services in Berlin. I do not know if this is indeed the case, or whether it is just my feeling, that when a locksmith only cops and criminals to work. The first three different companies with different numbers I'm obviously ended up in the same center, because everyone called me 100% the same prices. 20€ pro ange prisoners 15 Arrival and departure and minutes 20 € pro ange prisoners 15 Minutes of work + 19% VAT…. Clear, then of course that the least 16 Minutes to run and work each.

…I negotiated with the next key service number a fixed price of 78 € with guaranteed non-destruction of my lock cylinder, waited and annoyed at myself. Overall, the service has no key 2 minutes had working with my door and now I know, that it is super-simple, to open a not completed door.

That really opened the eyes of. From now on, always completed, so I do not again need a Schlüsseldienst as fast.

By the way, the apartment is great and the area somehow. Viele Cafes, Bars, Restaurants. Although my house has many amazing Ö or Ü's's ​​name in the ring, but that is already. The first residents have already had to make experience with trannies, because Sheila has already passed my first home residents about the way.
As Sheila said by a few days

Sheila: Since I do not climb out of.
I: Since when are you so memmig.
Sheila: Not memmig – life-affirming.

You lives still, also geht das alles seinen richtigen Gang 😉

But whether it is really, that on the second day in this apartment in less than 100 Meters a brief police Hundred, had to stand two water thrower and a police clearing tank of the Poli time, the I asked me yesterday already.


Underground Hotel statt Backpacker Hotel

I wrote previously about not Dra ¼, I did not want to share my secret ;-), but now since I'm moving to Berlin it does not matter.


Long long has it been since, I was the first time in Berlin. At that time ebay had invited me to a job interview and I was able to of course Unma ¶ resembled unseen absagen.Ich time was on leave and hired me in a backpacker hotel….

As I wrote on 21.July 2005?

So I have a small room in a 19-room hotel “â € œrenovierter old” “â € œklein and fine”Booked Â. And have this “â € œHotel” quickly found. Oddly, stood at the entrance door a sign: “â € œSollte our reception times not be occupied, please report them on the shore gegenà about Halle Road 30″¦

The tà ¼ r was locked and no one answered my ring. So I had to assume, that the reception was fact is not occupied” | so I went to the other side of the river (small Fluß in Berlin)

Drà ¼ ben arrived I realized: fucked! Ironically, had my reservation for this hotel, and over there is no more room”¦. so nothing small fine old hotel, but a large student hostel, that outside of the charm of a”| A”| Des”| Um I can not remember, would have less charm. I'm now assuming, that it is the 19 Rooms in the “Does not exist "great renovated old building”. But I had nothing else, So I took the room. 10m², Bed, small cabinet, rather bleak but 49 € the night. In front of the hotel there was a snack van bore the name of the hotel. (so to speak, the hotel's restaurant), It was crowded and noisy and I did not like”¦

Na egal. I wanted to go late, So I bought a pack of ear plugs, that existed at the reception (klar, because due to volume) and went firstonce View Berlin.

This was followed by my first Irrenhouse Party and a pretty decent conversation Ebay and at some point I should ausschecken. I thought about the short term despite this hotel not so exciting, I wanted to stay in Berlin for a week and therefore bittete, to be able to extend this room. Sorry, but you pointed me off due to a crowded hotel. (What luck)

I was therefore forced, to get me another one, firstonce but made me worry and care about me instead, what would be so to see it in Berlin and experience. The Prince was the leaves of my choice and there I noticed pretty quickly to an article “Underground Hotels”

A cocktail bar, the Sanatorium 23, among other things, would rent rooms…. That sounded strange in my ears though, but the room was cheaper than my hotel and not outside as much. In addition, – I had survived for a hotel, I'll probably survive one room at a cocktail bar. Louder it can not be, and at least this is something else.

So I booked a room by phone sight unseen until the weekend, but promised to come until a half hour later, because the room had to be made.


No Problem, Man ist nett and. About one and a half hours later I spun a there. Das Sanatorium, located directly below the Stalinist unnerved me somewhat, because the rainbow flag waving outside. (Yes, I confess, then I knew with this flag and the statement is not quite deal… I still went in and announced to my room request.


Ah Du bist Heiko, then come over with.

How come now. I expected, I get somewhere in the back room of the bar as a platform or – far from it, however,. The girl took me out of the bar halfway around the Risengebäude around and headed toward a side entrance to.

We went to the fourth floor and they discussed me, that I was not just a room, but a whole apartment would get for the time. Fourth floor, locker 100 Square, Cooking, Balcony, Bath, Back exit, no nervendes maid, Our offenes W-Lan, all stylishly furnished, own bar in the house, and the best – you have only ausschecken, when the bar opens at 14 Clock so.

And all for just 40 € the night.


The best way for a party weekend in Berlin for rumtransen.

Okay, okay, Today in beech usually at Ebab, but if I find an apartment not immediately, that fits, I would check every time in the sanatorium.

Apartment Westerland Sylt

Apartment in Callesen in Westerland on Sylt

Short trip to Westerland on Sylt and, unfortunately, no accommodation booked! Was mach man dann? — exactly — you go to the room and asks for proof….
Outcome: exactly 2 Options:
– And stay in the beach sand or shell
– an apartment with Mr. Callesen (last free accommodation)

what the hell “who does not want reserve must feel” or as the saying was still…. hastily called (List said the evidence room 85-120 DM possible during the high season surcharges) and indeed for a mere DM 200,- the night we agreed on the phone.

As we do not even 5 Stand minutes later Mr. Callesen at the door, one seems to find it hard to remember us, trotzden we are shown the “Holiday home”…………..

something I have not seen:

Set Duuuuuunkel,
carpets everywhere (black)
Dark oak furniture,
more brown tones than I've seen my whole life,
Carved mirror,
many loving details, (you could go for hours exploring and still recognize new ridiculous details),
Television in postcard format and alarm clock slightly larger,
black !!! Wood-paneled !!! In the shower, the water temperature is constantly changing without light.
and and and…….

wenn man 75 or if they 35 is mourning his childhood behind and do not like to be faaaaaar wrong with an apartment in Westerland with Callesen, for all other:
prefer to make a big bow and even better book in advance, To work around this lot.

For a weekend it is so ridiculous and perhaps even ertagen, that is funny, but do not use for longer….