Zoe Delay @ Velten

All fotos: Tanja Schlawitz
I didn't even know that I actually have really cool eyes ūüôā

I don't even know exactly anymore, I Tanja 've met, but somehow it came to a small photo shoot in one of the deserted places around Berlin.

I do not remember exactly, what kind of home and institution it was, but the surface was definitely not made for high heels in many places.

But it turned out some really nice pictures, I like very much. What a good photographer can get out of you, if not only “Snapshots” are

6.600 Mirrorstones + 1 Dress = 1 CSD Outfit

As usual, I had this year pretty long no idea, with what costume I would probably bother this year's CSD. At one point I looked All thing then in a club at the ceiling and saw a mirror ball, the reflected light, and somehow “cool” looked.

zoe delay discokugelkleid

CR Claudia Leverentz

“Such glue stones on a disco ball dress, would still look great.”

This idea, however, fell through quickly, I had no idea, I should abkriegen these stones of disco balls and disco balls ever have a decent price. So we consider further.


Further research with “Idea” then, however, brought to light, mirror so that you can buy stones also. In packs 430 Item. Okay, the idea is ready. I grabbed 4 Packs a, Asus bought at a white dress and began the day after the Hedwig Premiere an, there to glue my worn white dress with mirror stones…

It was only after I started, I went on a light, I have completely underestimated the project and had several things overestimate something else entirely. For example, the area of ‚Äč‚Äča dress, the 430 Mirror cover stones. The critters are 1×1 cm. I was never good at spatial thinking and one can also calculate, But I can tell you. 430 Stones are as good as anything. And 4 Packages of 430 Stones are just times four times as good as anything, not so much.


On the other hand, it costs a whole lot of time, 430 To turn stones, to assemble with glue, to put on the right spot on the dress, to tighten the dress and firmly push the stone… The time factor I had underestimated.

As. 4.000 I had stones stuck, showed when, that the material of the dress is not intended, to stick there many pounds of glass stones on it. It hung by, the peak area even threatened to tear. Something, I had underestimated. Weight… My seamstress had to reinforce the dress of women in hand-sewing work. Since there had just been a few thousand stones on it, was nothing more to do with machine 5 Hours of work for them – three days off, that I might well be able to use, for me.

to see the packaging of 6.600 Disco ball stones somehow not at all much of.

to see the packaging of 6.600 Disco ball stones somehow not at all much of.

After approximately 5.000 I bought stones Berlin empty, both branches of idea, Modulor and other craft stores had no mirror stones – not in stock. The dress was by no means finished and I literally sat on the dry… I had to order new… I had already considered, what else so don.

zoe delay

My dilemma, I had a semi-good dress, that full finished or semi-finished dress, that was full of good..
both Goofy.

This Friday came to the delivery of new Mirrorstones, Friday night I glued more 1.600 Stones, so far it was acceptable and I finished the CSD rock disco-en konnte. 6.600 Pieces are on it and it still lacks some, I also have to restore quite a bit…

zoe delay CSD outfit

Fucking hard, shit unwieldy but nice ūüôā

CSD Berlin Pictures

CSD Berlin Pictures

tomorrow before I write an article for CSD Berlin, there is already a decent gallery with pictures from Berlin CSD… HERE there is another way much more pictures










































Cross and Qu(and)it through Berlin

What was a way through the night on the last Saturday. I mean, We are almost always more than one party in the night, but that was pretty amazing. After de Rock’n’Roll Allnighter in the Palais am Fukturm, a meal and a closed door in front Roadrunners Paradise we went back to the west in the direction of Goya.

goya propaganda

If nothing really urgent rests in Berlin society night, the propaganda is always a solution. The propaganda as one of the biggest gay parties of Berlin is once again nice and the Goya is a building of course always a unique. The propaganda is really exciting but not really, especially since this time it was comparatively not really fully.

propaganda gayparty

Somehow it's just a normal gay party, times with better, times with worse music. I thought the music was actually really good this time, but except Barbie Breakout, the hung up on the Popfloor and Bork, we actually met at the first go, were hardly known to the propaganda. Furthermore, since our two “real” Women of our evening entertainment group, not found it really exciting and preferred to continue dancing in Felix, we started in the direction and Felix Adlon on – back east.


The door management at Felix's always a little bit of a box of chocolates, you do not really know beforehand, what to expect. That evening, both women had to pay, while the three of us were granted free entry Drags. Actually, that's discrimination, but who would we, that we would complain because, after all, we had won.


On the way there, however, be asked Janka, exactly what she wanted, because she could not even make fun of the chicks at the Felix, because of extremely dramatic hair, extremely high heels and short shorts, so to speak fairly represented the Obertusse the Felix that night or a parody of the most high-heeled Fashiontussen in Felix. Of whom there are still some….


It's hard to believe, but it did not stop us too long in Felix on the dance floor, because Janka wanted the tape near the main train station. There was this evening the “Horse meets Disco” Party. I was far from the only time New Year's Eve 2 Years in the Tape Club, and I think today every time, when I hear Beyonce on the appearance of Barbie Breakout. That was great. And actually it's the tape also.


Unfortunately, I did not know how I can get to. Somehow I know myself not quite in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčBerlin from. Somehow too far away from the center and from Kreuzberg – and I was only there once. Consequently, I made a half-Berlin tour, until I finally reached the Tape.


For the Horse Meets Disco Party, the tape was bursting with people. Aha, So here they were all still. Many people and some pretty crazy and wacky. Men with Pippi Longstocking Wigs, Dancers, that burned with belted headlights light in the smoke and guest where you do not know the best will, what they should represent. Thus and thus freaks exciting guests.

Probably the most interesting party of the evening, but it is very crowded and very stuffy and by the time it was too late, like we had actually promised, yet to visit the Schulmädchenreport party of Nina Queer in Ken.


In Ken arrived, however, showed only really, HOW LATE it was actually. Tired two people – do you mean a couple flezte there still in the couches around, to a DJ, hung up the last of Tunes. Nina, however, no trace…


Someone Рmust have been the DJ probably Рhowever, gave us the tip, to look at the floor again above, because there we met a few people like Nina and Brigitte Skrothum, who wanted to end the evening just, but then still attached to it for a while and a few drinks and still remained on one or the other Klönschnack.


Some people may have thought the one here, I was completely drunk, although I had not drunk a drop of alcohol until that time, I danced for 90 Euro Techno smashers like Mr.. Vayne, Snap, Haddaway and so on and so forth. Memories of youth, which reminded me of very bad greater discotheques, which were somehow but quite cool.


And as already said Brigitte properly, it's okay, when you eventually come back to the music, the man love h√∂rte, matter, whether it was good or not. And Euro-trash techno belongs to. How can I object to ex-Sanktpaulianerin. After all, once someone, of my burgeoning Sehnunsucht to the neighborhood from time to time. So not a neighborhood but “The neighborhood” can feel and it just goes on and on.


Everyone who has worked at the Tivoli and has lived in the valley road, may say that the. Cool.

When we came out we found the KEN, it was already light. I knew, that the day is coming, where the evening will end with the day. It was late summer and it is, I did the feet hurt and somehow I was hopping from party also something breaks. But it was fun in the end was really nice KEN.

I did this once calculated, il Partyhooping bedeutete. About 50 Kilometers criss-qu(and)it through Berlin.