Photo shoot

Finally, in many trials in our Cars with lawn mower engine arrived in Recklinghausen should now give a photo shoot it.

However, we were, as previously reported too late, so that Sammy had no desire, could stop by and also develop Petra little ambition, still to dressen. I am now not so much for photo shoots, I think, that they simply do not reflect reality… As I wrote recently more?

Generally I give it just a little example, I've seen people live, I force the, can put in pictures now know. Almost every girl can Elli Hunter go and get styled to Elli Girl. The'll see though all the same somehow from, but certainly at least much better than in the wild.

So I was not really in the mood, To shoot photos. So Annabelle remained for the photos..

But since we had to wait quite a while, was ready to Annabelle gedresst, kam es, as it had come, and I found myself with about 9 1/2 Hours old makeup before the camera again and was suddenly still in the mood for a photo shoot.

Well, from time to time one can also make a nice photo shoot, the last probably about a year ago – So quite a long time.

Much longer period of time I had my next outfit which now, since me the photo fever has completely packed, rausholte. An old floral dress, that I bought at a time, I did not even have a proper wig.


It took me time 6 D-Mark bei Ebay. And, just the good old German Mark, the euro currency before our. So you can see, that this pipe has been accused several times in my closet the moths.

Eggs, you get those clothes today no longer at. The pattern, the material quality and at all, Bine was determined according to the dress 50 Years old.

Okay okay EIN Pictures von vor 50 Years must be not generally in sepia, But it fits so nice to Heidi outfit and pigtails, Bine the pflechtete just me and deal with insulating tape.

…then later I got my PVC outfit out there and we took a few pictures on Dark Angel. Aber dazu morgen mehr 🙂


2 thoughts on “Photo shoot

  1. Hi zoe, alles gute im neuen jahr dir noch. hab mir deine neuen bilder grad in deinem blog angesehen und ich muss sagen: du siehst mit 9 1/2 stunden alten make up besser aus,als manche frau mit neuem!

    lg andrea

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