Petition: Asylum: Gay-, to- and transsexual women and men

Because reached me just a comment in my blog, looked as follows.

Asylum: Gay-, to- and transsexual women and men
With the petition is required, People, that are based on their sexual identity or t followed by those threatening imprisonment or the death penalty, trees have a right to asylum in Germany einzurà ¤.

BEGRA ¼ ignition:
Homosexuality is still many places t as a ““” ¶ Persa nliche decision”” considered or even disease. In some parts of the world where this setting is sufficient, that particular homosexual men threaten prison sentences including the death penalty. The Government is hereby requested, gay-, to- and transgender women and men to grant asylum in Germany.

Time is short! Completion date for the co-signature: Wednesday, 13. June 2007. Thanks for your support.

…I only thought about, simply delete the comment, I thought, to have but at least once inform me in which countries homosexuality is punishable. The Figuring however, is less simple than you think, because other seemingly just do not know it that way:

The Greens, 17.05.2007

In about 80 Countries homosexuality is punishable.

The Greens, 01.12.2006

In about 75 Countries homosexuality is punishable.

Well I guess hardly, that within five and a half months, five other countries have made homosexuality punishable, but rather, that the Greens have served but rather dramaturgical numbers game here, five countries would be too much. Wikipedia currently lists 74 Countries, make homosexuality punishable. Although I would of course, the Wikipedia is by no means omniscient…

For this reason I post the petition here, but daresay, that it has little chance, to grant asylum for every people, pretends to be gay or bi, would mean, grant asylum to everyone, who wish to enter Germany. there is just no tests, determine the sexual identity. I think, the petition would have to be written differently.

So I'm not going to sign, but here you can do it:


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