gaypride Berlin 2012 Pictures

In good old tradition, I will also this year post the various sources, the CSD images 2012 on Pages, link. Thus one who hides photos somewhere on the net, may email me briefly, zoe.delay @ I will then insert.

My CSD 2012 Berlin items

Sheila Wolf
FH photodesign
c-shepherd photo
YVA Fototräume
Capital Diva
Berlin news
wetter online
fr-online (AFP)
Tagesspiegel (AFP)
Berlin courier

I will this year probably the three major Christopher Street Day: gaypride Berlin, Gaypride Cologne, CSD Hamburg join and massive shoot photos. They'll be here later to find.
And she also finds google - and therefore your, there is this page right now.

So do not wonder, but bookmark, denn der am Sonntag that Parade, may have come here on a Saturday night massive beautiful pictures, as every year
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