London Burlesque Festival – International Extravaganza

London Burlesque Festival – International Extravaganza


Saturday was at our London Visit – after the compulsory Camden visit – and the equally obligatory visit at ALDO – Our second night at the London Burlesque Festival 2013 on the docket. This time, under the heading. International Extravaganza.


…And honestly, The London Burlesque Festival had to do some good for the first night at Madame Jo Jo's, which was also International and certainly extravagant – but just not good.


The evening promised it a lot more, which was not only due Healiner LouLou D'vil. Our need of big shows and big – glittering as possible – Costumes and large compartments should be met that night in the bush Hall.


It was not easy for us, to find the bush Hall, although a hall in the already R.E.M., The Killers have played wasweissichnoch, but really any taxi driver should be known – especially as this yes 2 Take years, allowed to drive to them.. Well not quite as it seems, so we had some problems taxi – almost as many as on the London Underground, but that's another topic. In any case, we found the common Busch Hall – and after a minor problem with my memory card we could also enjoy the second show this evening.

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The London Burlesque Festival, it seems that is going so well, that they sell out that night the bush Hall even twice in a row ….. Well at least could well fill. Including us of course, which made a great figure…


Although one could make the audience not to remonstrate this evening. For many it was not known, whether they were guests or performers. Stockings, High Heels, Corsets, Vintage Hair Style allerorten. The audience was really every effort, to provide the right framework. To the Bush Hall with its stucco walls. Good conditions for a good show.


And the audience relished the great artists. A great atmosphere, of a great audience. Who was well-received that evening his deserved applause, and the evening was really good over all – but who was really good and got his really good applause – and these were some.


Okay, I'm on Glitter, auf tolle Outfits, to sparkle – na clear and a professional show. All das bot beispielsweise Miss Orchid Mei. Classic Burlesque just, but at a level which on this evening was at the top. Today was not expected surprises, but with a lot of professionalism – in the best sense of the word.


Great, I also found the number using the golden subjects, when I'm not sure, who she was actually. easily Belly Dance, easily klessisches Burlesque, but really nicely done, although others thought it rather – human girl, undress finally. Before me that would not have to happen so fast, because you looked at her, that they had fun with it.


The Melitta Honeycup also had at their ropes. Burlesque more Akrobatik. Okay, one has of course already in Berlin, the one time or another seen, clear, but she made it very nice and I liked it very much. He has to say, done everything right.

LouLou D'ville burlesque

This has of course the London Burlesque Festival with Loulou D'Ville, no question. As headliners and of course the most famous name on the festival they gave the event more than the already existing part of glamor and internationality. At this appearance there was nothing, which was not good. That's clear. Who is on Burlesque had to love the appearance. The woman, the costume, die Performance. Top….

loulou d'ville

Aber nicht der beste Auftritt des Abends 😉 Den brachte nämlich meiner subjektiven Meinung nach – and not only my – eindeutig Lily DesLys auf die Bretter der Busch Hall. Ich filmte ihn mit. Really a good appearance. And when you thought, he finished – and I on the “Off button” pressed, he started actually only really. There was an incredibly great number spring with a tremendous charisma. Absolute World Class.

Lily DesLys

Also, Liebes London Burlesque Festival. With the International Extravaganza you have recovered the lost confidence of the Twisted Cabaret over again. The shows and performers were really here for the most part, as one would expect from the world's biggest Burlesque Festival – provide world-class. Only times you should think about the host. On the second night the same jokes and sayings…? This is not just the.

London Burlesque Festival

But I shall return to London – am now but first onto the first Berlin Burlesque Festival. Although not yet determined, was – and above all, who held there.


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