10 Years Black Rider Fashion Show @ Metropol

Had it but good for something, I'm recently went to Hoochie Koo event to The Grand, which was also really good, But the really exciting, with some good conversation was, I walked Nico on the way, which to me 10 Years Black Rider Fashion Show to just re-opened Metropolitan invited.

Yes cool, finally back a cool fashion show, after so with their semi-annual Runway also Lena Hoschek has become extremely boring and so long no longer the Underground Catwalk – and then the whole even in cool Metropol. There must and I will go.

The thought somehow all other, because it was a big class reunion of nearly all great people, which one has run on similar events over the way the last few years. I love such events – especially the people because, who are there.

And because of the building and of course the great fashion, of which I would like to pack a lot in my closet. Really great. Please forgive me this video. I was late for the tripod and too close to the Bass. make the best sound.

It was not easy, to find an adequate accompaniment, since all were either eh da, or could not. Lina, but I had a very nice accompaniment, knew that also half the shop there.

The then held Alter Ego party was so well. Similar, as has been said to me before:

There are too many housewives with their Horst's on a leash

… Quite so I would not say it, the statement was taken but quite far away and not now. But also there are people, who were still of the fashion show as well as the building brought out as such a lot.

Primark Berlin

“Oh this is so cool, I feel like in paradise – in 7. Heaven”

Quote of girls, which ran in the Castle Street Centre with shining eyes and a bulging pocket with the new Primark store in Berlin.

I have the feeling, as this shop is a huge success

Quote a Security of Primark Stores Mannn to his colleagues, shaking his head that looked at the amount.

Primark Pockets 12 €

I do not know exactly, But somewhere on the Internet on Facebook I read I the new Primark store, The last week was opened in Berlin and with “Amazing Fashion, Amazing Prices” advertises… 5000 m² and probably great.

To see times,if that's true, I sat in my car, took a huge detour, because I mistook Steglitz and Zehlendorf only village in numbers my iphone for the right Adrsesse asked.

Primark shoes 18 € + 15 € + 12 € = 45 €

No matter, I was definitely in healing and must confess, the advertising slogan did not tell too much. Really great in clothes obviously really good quality at ridiculously low prices.

Who thought, H&M would be favorable… Forget it!, who finds the Aisa-Import Shop for shoes around the corner low, forget also the. Primark ist genial. And I could not stop myself.

Dress 17 € + BH 8 € + 2 x 4 € = 33 €

Three pairs of shoes, a great bag, a dress, BH, 2 Slips for as much as only 91 €… The mere three shoes and the bag for just 57 €… and all in great quality… I mean Halloooooo? H&M, Pimkie, Tally Weill take that… Oh, and all the shoes up to size 42 !!! hello Janka 🙂

and in a few weeks is the invite maybe not quite so full of blissful girls, as last weekend …

I definitely am in love already in the store. Unfortunately, he is so far away… but it should get a second store on Alexanderplatz… only where there is so much space?

Iron Fist & Swatch @ Fashion Rock Night

Iron Fist & Swatch @ Fashion Rock Night


Cherished Events you should not miss. For example, the Fashion Rock Night as part of the Berlin Fashion Week. Which have been around for some years and it was always great. Of course runways, attract more celebrities and runways that are more hyped, but hardly “truer”


The Fashion Rock Night Namely, even the common people purchase a card. So also are actually people, who are interested and not only invited guests, make the ideal of press images…. Okay, the course, but it is also a lot of other nice people.


Add to that the fact, that the music not only comes from the band, but they are real and live is presented on the stage and as the name “Fashion Rock Night” already says, is more guitar-heavy and thus my taste basically ever meet.


So already, the band was able to Crutch, which was entirely unknown to me bisdato, convince some extent. But it was actually not just about the music, but also to the fashion, which was shown alongside the music of Crutch. Mode von Iron Fist.


Okay, Iron Fist has been known for some years as a fire of great high heels… but almost imperceptibly Iron Fist has in the meantime developed into a serious full-fashion label, what they showed this evening. At first I thought “and necess, not a label, that colorful printed t-shirts to sell as the latest hype”…


This is due to, since you can buy Ed Hardy on the Grabbeltischen the nation and looks at the people, there just buy their clothes. But Iron Fist is more than the umpteenth t-shirt hawkers. As found in the collection shown some dresses, I would hang me directly into the wardrobe without flinching…


…But please, especially, if I mitbekomme the associated high heels equal, for dress and shoes were quite matched – and about the great shoes from Iron Fist one need hardly lose a word. Great. Beautifully accompanied with suitable music by Crutch…


But since we're on the subject of fashion, Moderateshot urine Bonnie Strange pulled her own small fashion show by the night… Approximately five appearances between acts, before and after, and in any case five outfits here, least two of which can be considered quite sensational. As one of the two ox-brothers servant has really caught a sweet fiancee. one must recognize that envy, even if the term IT Girl always baffled me a little.


No IT Girl is definitely Mimi Müller-Westernhagen but actually a serious artist. Even she knew I – Crutch as not previously, but could well imagine, and feared that the name was not by accident a “of professional singing daughter”, but that only took a few notes about this deal down prejudice to quickly evaporate. Empty Stimme, great music and a better appearance than the dad.


Oh: Appearance! There was also a second fashion show with the girls and boys of Rockstar Models at Fashion Rock Night… Swatch. And, exactly, these plastic watches, which were in vogue when I was so… I guess times 12 or so was… So long ago. Even if it is the brand got very quiet, Swatch watches are still produced. Still in plastic and even more colorful than most other watch manufacturers.


This is somewhat reminiscent of Meat Loaf, the always does the same, but every decade once again captures the spirit of the time and again comes to the fore. So similar like the one with his Swatch. Once in between Swatch has exposed, als G-Shocks Mode waren. No one knows more, Swatch as a brand is still a giant-term… And set this evening with plain colored clothes and flashlights in the limelight.


Overall, it must be said, that the two shows at the Fashion Rock Night were pretty good, both bands met my taste and I would definitely still Bonnie Strange also in other outfits will be shown. But instead it was once to experience a great after-show party.

Chevrolet Underground Catwalk 2011

Berlin Fashion Week – Underground Catwalk

Cupcake Kleid - Zucker Schloss

Cupcake dress from Sugar Castle

Within the Berlin Fashion Week – at least the summer – is Underground Catwalk have a fixed constant… (hmm doppelt gemoppelt?) Well in any case, there is the Underground Catwalk in each year with its interesting labels from the fields of Underground Fashion as Fetish, Latex, Rockabilly unsid rockiger Streetware.

Heydi und ich
Heydi and I

Just above the latter I had shown me the last few years a little annoyed, Print-Shirts, which are also in H&M might buy, had for me on a “Underground” Catwalk wenig lost – which was reflected also in the photos in the media. Now, someone has to pay the whole thing but, and so these brands have also somehow justified.

Underground Catwalk 2011

Nevertheless, it seemed this year to have done just about as well as his thoughts, and so there were two catwalks Underground. One for streetwear and a “classical”… The first was of interest to the media, especially by name: Noah Becker und Avril Lavigne (Abbey Dawn) interesting, which there showed their collections, the second rather through clothing.

Buy Unlike
Buy Unlike

Unfortunately, I can not say much about the first train, because I only attended the second. But in which I have to say, that he has gained much by focusing on exciting clothing. The labels and the garments were clearly in the totality exciting than last year. Although, of course, no additional label can be better than Sammy with their Redcat7 Collektionen.

Sensual Latex
Sensual Latex

Nevertheless, there were this year: iron fist, ambitious, destroyyourself, queen of darkness, rock nobility, sensual latex, the walking, savage wear, elf craft, sugar closed, hustler, buy unlike, deadly nightshade. Overall a nice compilation of international labels essaten, which certainly warmed the hot anyway subway a few degrees.

Lexi Hell, Diana von Buy Unlike, Betty Deinemaid
Lexi Hell, Buy Unlike Diana and Betty Deinemaid

By the two trains and the free day, I took my, but I was finally able to achieve this without difficulty once Underground Catwalk – otherwise this has always to be pretty exhausting, because with too little time – found, but who wants to be beautiful must suffer just. It was always like that.

Deadly nightshade

I was a little surprised, that some of the typically encountered there people like Oleg and Mila did not see there, I was also surprised, as Mr. Wolf appeared there, actually wanted to stay at an event in a tipi, However, the failed and why it is short term but then for a visit to the Underground Catwalk decided. Certainly a good alternative.


Surprised, I was just in front of the boarding, when we were wondering, where would be best to enter, I even saw a bunch up front people, So I looked at times… Even before I realized, that there obviously the model Waited, which also waited for inlet, and I would therefore have to reverse, they stormed ääh “Woman” to me and bitched at me, “You are wrong here”… but this, in a tone, let the fear, I if not immediately reverse punches, Would be expected or knife wounds worse. Okay, okay, keep cool, I'm already gone. Something About Reacts, the good..


A totally unrepresentative survey out to people after the train was, that especially this year, the two dresses by belladonna, that latex dress with latex dress by Sensual and my absolute favorite, the cupcake dress by Candy Castle were the pieces, were consistently Gennat most, when I asked, What did you like best.


Otherwise it was indeed named, that there was now and lengths, if nothing had happened a few minutes, but this was not significant, because otherwise was the Underground Catwalk 2011 another great fashion show at the most exciting city of Berlin Fashion Week. Happy to be back next year.